Our Story

Happy Company Story 

We are  sisters who grew up on a farm in Tennessee. Because of this we naturally enjoy the rustic look of items.  Which in turn inspired the look of our very first candle, the Classic Mason Jar.  Our goal was to create a look that would go with multiple styles but reflect who we were as a company. 

As our company has grown we have expanded into other types of vessels to meet the needs of a variety of people.  We specifically chose many of them for their reusable purposes as well.  We are striving to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can! 

Growing up, our mother had a love of candles. We remember the variety of scents that would reflect the season or time of year.  Coming home to a clean house with a fresh festive candle gave us all the feels. 

This love of candles is a trait we inherited and felt we needed to share with others. The perfect scent can make any space feel cozy, tropical or reflect the holiday season.  The comforting image of candle light can make a long day seem relaxing. We wanted to be able to create a product that people wanted to have in their homes to help them with everyday life. 

With our growing families we were also looking for a product we felt comfortable being around our children and fur babies.  We decided to create 100% Soy candles that would allow for a clean burn.  

Happy Company strives to create a cleaner candle with a fun twist.  Our humorous names remind people to smile because life is hard enough.  Bringing joy into a home is something our parents always did and with these candles we wanted to be able to do the same.  

Candle Making classes may be one of our favorite parts of what we do.  As former teachers we missed the teaching aspect of our lives.  With our parties we are able to teach you how to make a candle unique to your scent and style needs.  Typically while enjoying food and beverages at the same time.  

We love to say we are trying to make the world a Happier place one candle at a time.  We know that a candle isn't going to solve all of your issues but it may just be the light in your day that seemed so dark. 

Our dads nickname is Happy and we consider ourselves super lucky to have such a positive figure in our lives.  By naming our company after him we hope to spread his HAPPY nature to everyone.  Because we named our company after him we thought we needed to demonstrate him in our logo.  You will notice the word Happy looks like a signature, and that is because it is our dads actual signature.  We wanted the name, the logo and our company to show how much happiness our dad has brought to  our lives. 

We have finally finished we renovating our new Studio & Shop space! We did   it all ourselves so it took a little longer then expected but thrilled we have it!   Two toddlers, DIY projects and all things candles keeps us busy and we wouldn't have it any other way.  

We hope you enjoy our products!