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In the candle world another word for jar is vessel. We have picked a variety of vessels in different sizes so that there is something for everyone. We also offer refills so if customers have a jar they wold love to make into a candle we can make their candle dreams come true. One of the best parts of what we do is teaching you how to make a candle with friends or hold an event to promote another business. Lets get lit!

Striving to make the world a HAPPIER place!

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Making The World A Happier Place One Candle & Thread At A Time!

Our Story

Hello! We are Andi and Alex, two sisters that decided to try to make the world a HAPPY place one candle & thread at a time! We hand pour our 100% Soy candles each day for you! As previous teachers we wanted to combine our passion of teaching with candle making to create Happy Company Candle making parties. We teach everyone how to make one of our 100% Soy Candles while enjoying food and beverages. We have poured our hearts into our small business and we hope you enjoy!